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Electric Arc Furnace

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We are An ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company & Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturers|Suplliers| in Raipur Chhattisgarh.We also offer to our customers Split Shell For Electric Arc Furnace which finds its application mostly in the steel industries and is used for various capacities of furnaces. We procure our raw materials from the most reliable vendors which enables us to provide our customers with best quality of Split Shell for Electric Arc Furnace. These products can be availed from us at very nominal prices.

Electric Arc Furnace means an extremely hot enclosed space, where heat is produced by means of electrical arcing for melting certain metals such as scrap steel without changing electro-chemical properties of the metal.

Here, electric arc is produced between the electrodes. This electric arc is used for melting the metal. The arc furnaces are used to produce mini steel structural bars and steel rods. The electric furnace is in form of a vertical vessel of fire brick. There are mainly two types of electric furnaces. They are alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) operated electric furnaces.

Product Description

DC Arc Furnace is recent and advanced furnace compared to AC Arc Furnace. In DC Arc Furnace, current flows from cathode to anode. This furnace has only a single graphite electrode and the other electrode is embedded at the bottom of the furnace. There are different methods for fixing anode at the bottom of the DC furnace.The first arrangement consists of a single metal anode placed at the bottom. It is water cooled because it gets heated up fast. In the next one, the anode be the conducting hearth by C-MgO lining. The current is given to the Cu plate positioned at the bottom portion. Here, the cooling of anode is by the air. In the third arrangement, the metal rods act as anode. It is entrenched in MgO mass. In the fourth arrangement, the anode is the thin sheets. The sheets are entrenched in MgO mass.

Advantages of DC Electric Arc Furnace:

  • Decrease in electrode consumption by 50%.
  • Melting is almost uniform.
  • Decrease in power consumption (5 to 10%).
  • Decrease in flicker by 50%.
  • Decrease in refractory consumption
  • Hearth life can be extended.

We Provided Complete System for following Industry

  • Steel Induction Furnace
  • Steel Re-rolling Mill Industry
  • Sponge Iron Plant (DRI)
  • Boiler (Heating process & Power Palnt)
  • Lead Recycling Plant
  • Aluminium Recycling Plant
  • Copper Recycling Plant
  • Dross Recycling Plant
  • Slag Processing Unit
  • Process Furnace
  • Chemical Process Plant
  • Casting Units
  • Rice Mill Industry
  • Wire (Binding) Industry
  • Plywood Industry
  • Paper Mill
  • Lime Kiln
  • Cement Kiln
  • Textile Mill
  • Fertilizer Plant
To be Total Gas Volume in CFM ********* CFM
Effective Height in meter ********** m
Diameter in meter ******* m
ID Fan ******* Kw
Duct Size ******** m
Water Pump Capacity ******* Ltr/hr